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        Welcome to visit our website
        Clutch Cover Assemblies
        • Castings for Pressure plates are produced in our own factory from high quality cast iron produced in accordance with the requirements of BS1452 and DIN1619.
        • The material must be compact, devoid of blowholes and/or inclusions, crack free and uniform in hardness and texture.
        • Cover pressings are produced using the most sophisticated press equipment available.
        • Pressure Plates, Diaphragm Springs, Straps and all other components undergo strict analysis for chemical composition, tensile strength, hardness and microstructure.
        • All components parts undergo rigorous inspection and measurement controls before entering the production areas.
        • Diaphragm springs - Produced utilizing Japanese manufactured automatic heat treatment plant and computer tested against OE load specifications before assembly.
        • Tests including clamp load, release load, pressure plate lift, finger height, stress and fatigue testing using the latest sophisticated test and inspection facilities.

        Clutch Cover Assemblies



        Model NO.:30210-90067

        PEUGEOT 405

        PEUGEOT 405

        Model NO.:2055.S8

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