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        Welcome to visit our website

        About us

            As a professional manufacturer and experienced exporter of brake and clutch series, Sunrise (G.D.) Auto Parts Manufactory Co., Ltd. is devoted to supplying worldwide customers with high-quality products and most reliable services.

            Our factory covers over 67000 square metres. We produce more than 1500 ready brake series models in semi-metallic, low-metallic, non-asbestos and ceramic formulations for various vehicles, and for clutch series we offer over than 500 models of different vehicles. We also welcome tailor-made orders according to customer specifications. With strong technics and equipment back-up, now our annual productivity of brake series can reach 5 million sets, of clutch series can reach 1 million kits.

            Having successfully passed ISO 9001-2000 and TS 16949, Sunrise keeps the endeavor to improve product quality and performance. Now all our new products undergo 30,000 km – 50,000 km test to ensure an extended service life, as well as feature of stable coefficient, low wear rate, noiseless and heat-resisting speciality. All our brake and clutch products are of OE standards of quality and performance. Most advanced test machines like Link dynamometer tester, Chase machines, and constant-speed testers, SFM-2 & BLG-3 driven plate torsion weariness test machine are applied in quality management.

            Our mission is to serve our clients with most trustworthy support in various respects like quality, price, and delivery time. We look forward to developing most pleasant and win-win partnership with customers worldwide. Thank you!

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